Yallingup Residence

Western Australia

Full architectural and interior.

The house was designed to achieve the maximum elevation to exploit stunning views of the views over the Yallingup Main Break .

With its lot alignment, the house, has perfect orientation to exploit passive solar design principles; performing well in both heating and cooling seasons.

Located on a very steep slope, the design allows cars to be parked out of sight. There are four bedrooms, two bathrooms, games room and laundry at the lower level. The upper floor has a large living, dining and kitchen area, balconies and a lounge/study area, with a powder room.

The building is steel framed and clad with a curved roof that allows the maximum elevation to be achieved. The place is heavily insulated and oriented along an east west axis to take maximum advantage of the winter sun. Windows, shading control and seasonal breeze system have been considered.

Perimeter planting was retained to accord with scheme requirements and to provide a setting.

The house remains one of the more fitting designs on Yallingup Hill. When completed, it was the first curved roof structure at Yallingup. The low pitched roof allowed floor levels to be lifted to maximum elevation.