William Street Urban Renewal

Western Australia
Conservation, Adaptation, and Urban Design

Strategic plan and full architectural services.

Western Australian Architecture Awards
Commendation - Urban Design - 2011
Western Australian Heritage Awards
High Commendation - Outstanding Conservation of a Non Residential Place - 2011
UNESCO Asia Pacific
Honourable Mention - Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation - 2011

This project took a declining planning blighted section of the City of Perth and revitalised 11 city properties that promoted a major revitalised City street.

The area was intended to be integrated with the Perth Cultural Centre. Control was handed to the East Perth Redevelopment Authority and eleven properties were identified for uplifting and revitalisation.

The works included conservation, reconstruction, adaptation and the inclusion of new elements and services. The outcome is a revitalised urban environment and freshly activated street frontages.

The project has attracted businesses to the street.

William Street north of the railway line was developed in the late 19th century and evolved slowly thereafter. A lot of historic fabric remained intact.

The place is on the State Register of Heritage Places.