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    Western Australia

    The product is a place that has had all deterioration stabilised, non-viable elements replaced, decorative treatments reinstated, basic services introduced and the rear garden cleared for parking.

    309 Newcastle Street is included in the Register of Heritage Places. 309 Newcastle Street was a deteriorated building when work commenced, but was remarkably complete in terms of the physical evidence, providing material to cover all aspects of its conservation, other than fireplace surrounds.

    The property is zoned commercial and it was decided to simply conserve the property, provide basic facilities, and dispose of it. Alternative uses might be considered, as the place commenced life as a residence, and a shop with a residence over. Because the physical evidence was so compelling, it was decided to proceed with conservation works in parallel with a conservation plan. The benefit of the conservation plan will be to guide a third party on the care and ongoing conservation of the place and to assist with its further adaptation if required.

    309 Newcastle Street was built in 1907 to designs by architect Thomas Anthoness for Dr. William Trethowan as an investment property. The property was part of a group of properties that were effectively mothballed during the period when land acquisitions for a northern city bypass were being made by departments of the State Government. With the decision to make the bypass an underground structure, many of the properties acquired were not required to be demolished.