Subiaco Lodge

Western Australia

Conservation plan and full architectural services

The aesthetic significance of the place was recovered and re-presented in a form more closely reflecting the original intent.

Works included recovery of the verandah, conservation of the building envelope and the recovery of a number of important details, including paint removal from the limestone and re-pencilling of the masonry joints. Traditional techniques were used.

Though the setting has yet to be recovered, the conserved lodge is now presented in a manner more befitting of its significance and its place as the parks oldest surviving structure.

Subiaco Lodge was built in 1903 to a design by E. H Dean Smith who had enjoyed a brilliant though short career. It is the oldest surviving structure in Kings Park. Over many years the setting of the lodge had been eroded and a number of alterations had obscured the original design intent, including the simplification of detail, enclosure of the verandahs and an unsympathetic addition.