Jacksons Drawing Supplies

Western Australia

Heritage study and full architectural services.

The project conserved a pair of original shops and residences, created a new building core and five new shops in a contemporary and compatible style which produces a good economic return.

The original buildings had lost much of their detail and the dry cleaning factory represented gross under use of the site, as well as presenting long blank frontage to Forrest Walk.
Significant concessions were obtained under newly formulated policies to support heritage conservation. The new design activated frontages and produced a much better return on a central city site.
Increased street activation has been achieved and the development will successfully link in with projects that will eventually take place to the west of the site.
The practice assisted with the development of non-financial incentives for conservation with the City of Subiaco.

The original building was constructed in 1904 and comprised of two shops with residences located a first floor level. The premises later became a dry cleaning business. Over time the shops were combined, the residences became offices and the whole of the rear of the lots were occupied by the dry cleaning works.