His Majesty's Theatre

Western Australia

Heritage advice and guidance throughout the project.

Western Australian Heritage Awards
High Commendation - Outstanding Conservation of a Non-Residential place - 2012

The street facades were conserved, missing elements reinstated and the whole exterior re-presented.

The theatre is constructed of brick, with balconies supported on steel with encased with coke breeze concrete. Renders and precast components give it its rich Federation Free Classical style treatment.

In 2009, following some detached masonry, a condition report of the façade was done by BG&E engineers and a physical survey by Savcor.

While three balconies required reconstruction, the remainder of the façade was treated as a cut out and repair project. Balcony reconstruction was undertaken by casting moulds to replace balconies to be removed and irreparably damaged sections.

The façade was repainted, the awning re-roofed and a horn replaced on the unicorn on the coat of arms

His Majesty’s Theatre was originally built as a theatre and hotel in 1904. In 1980 it became a theatre and rehearsal spaces, saving it from demolition.

The place is on the State Register of Heritage Places.