Hill 60 Office

Western Australia

Full architectural services/Conservation Plan.

A grand house built in 1902 subsumed by poor quality development was revealed, revived and adapted.

Hill 60 House was subjected to numerous poor alterations and additions to the point that the original house was barely discernible. Vandals had caused significant damage to the building. As part of the site redevelopment for high-density residential the existing house was retained and conserved.

Intrusive additions and alterations were removed and the remaining fabric conserved. Works included reroofing, reconstruction of damaged joinery, masonry pillars, stained glass and ornate ceilings. The conservation works were guided by the Conservation Plan we had prepared for the place.

Hill 60 became offices for quantity surveyors.

The project demonstrates that heritage places in an advanced state of decay can be revived with high quality results and continue to provide viable facilities.

Hill 60 was built in 1902. It was acquired by and integrated with a hospital run by St John of God. It was almost complexly obscured by development.

The place is on the State Register of Heritage Places.