Government House Supper Room

Western Australia

Full architectural, interior and heritage services.

The Supper Room upgrade produced a more cheerful and usable space, upgraded associated facilities and provided a break out space to the south to promote more flexible use.

The Supper Room, located under the Ballroom, had received little attention since the addition of a kitchen on the western side in the 1960s. The interior was poorly lit, suffered some poor interventions and had no heating or cooling. Its use had declined.

The outcomes include a well lit, air-conditioned and more attractively presented Supper Room, upgraded kitchen, support facilities and a terrace to the south. It allows the Supper Room and Ballroom to operate independently and in numerous configurations.

The present Government House is the second to be built on the site and was completed 1864. The Ballroom and Supper Room were not completed until 1899. The ballroom entry was completed in 1922.

The place is on the State Register of Heritage Places.