Government House Ballroom

Western Australia
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Western Australian Architecture Awards
Commendation - Award for Heritage - 2005

The ballroom project conserved and represented the ballroom, gave it a new ceremonial entrance and vastly improved the facilities.

The ballroom had received little attention since the time of its construction. Further, there was no proper front stair up to the Ballroom vestibule and no acceptable disabled access.

Major achievements were a fitting ceremonial entry, upgraded vestibule and powder rooms, a conserved Ballroom with air conditioning and contemporary lighting. The project provided disabled and service access systems, gave the Ballroom a new and richer look and made it a more useful space. As a consequence it is now a much sought after venue.

The present Government House is the second to be built on the site and was completed in 1864 to designs by Richard R Jewell. The Ballroom and Supper Room were completed in 1899 and was designed by John H. Grainger. The ballroom entry was not completed until 1922.

The place is on the State Register of Heritage Places.