Cultural Centre Screen

Western Australia


The LED Screen was devised to provide one of the focus points in the public domain. It can operate in a number of modes to provide direct vision of activity, information and pre-recorded media material.

The public domain of the Perth Cultural Centre was in need of revitalisation. After some years the control passed to the East Perth Redevelopment Authority.

Along with long term planning the authority developed a range of short-term projects to provide a temporary stimulus for increased activity in the public domain. A number of project were devised including new landscape treatments, an urban orchard, children’s play areas and temporary kiosks for food and beverages. The LED Screen was part of the planning.

"Inspired by Urban screens from around the world, the screen provides opportunity for the resident cultural institutions and other arts organisations to share content, ideas and innovations with the general public".

Hon John Day, Minister for Planning, Culture and Arts, Science and Innovation.

Perth Cultural Centre developed around 19th century museum, police, school and court buildings. The major new elements were an art gallery and library.