Cottesloe Civic Centre

Western Australia

Conservation plan, masterplanning options and full architectural services.

This project explored accommodation options at the Civic Centre site and focused on the conservation, adaptation and extension of the existing building. Contemporary accommodation for the Council’s administration, as well as upgrading existing ceremonial facilities were provided.

Over many years the council’s administration developed and was forced to operate in very confined conditions. A range of options to accommodate councils operations on the site were explored. A conservation and adaption of the place was adopted.

To meet the accommodation requirements the development includes a contemporary addition whilst conserving the existing building. The addition respects the values of the existing building.

Cottesloe Civic Centre retains its landmark value, its heritage values and serves the contemporary needs of the council and community.

Cottesloe Civic Centre was built in 1899 in the Federation Queen Anne style and was adapted into the Spanish Revival style in 1934-36. The place was acquire by the Town of Cottesloe in 1950.

The place is on the State Register of Heritage Places.