Claremont Residence

Western Australia
Conservation and Addition

Architectural service to tender stage

A poorly treated Federation cottage with a badly conceived post World War II addition was conserved, adapted and extended in a sympathetic contemporary manner to achieve a refreshed family home.

The Federation period house was located at the front of a large suburban lot with a poor addition. They provided a very poor standard of accommodation.

The challenges for this project was to retain, adapt and conserve the original house and provide a large amount of new accommodation to the rear.

The house at the front was retained and all additions removed. A lounge study, guest suite and ancillary facilities were provided to the original building. A link building was designed to transition between new and old. This link provided access to two new levels of accommodation; living areas on the ground floor and bedrooms, play area and bathrooms at the first floor.

The addition is of a contemporary style, contrasting with the old house while remaining sympathetic to it.

The existing place is a modest brick cottage constructed in the early 1900s. An unsympathetic addition was constructed in the 1960s.

The place is included in the Town’s TPS Schedule of Places of Cultural Heritage Significance.