Archbishops Palace

Western Australia
Conservation and Adaptation

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Western Australian Architecture Awards
Winner - Award for Heritage - 2012
City of Perth and Heritage Council Awards
Winner - Award for Conservation and Adaptation - 2012

The Cathedral House project turned a grand and deteriorated building into contemporary accommodation and offices for the Archbishop and St Mary’s Cathedral clergy.

In association with St Mary’s Cathedral, the adjacent house, was restored for its intended use to house the Archbishop and the cathedral clergy.

Integrating contemporary accommodation services and access was a challenge.

The project produced contemporary residential accommodation for the clergy, office accommodation, restored the chapter hall, integrated a new lift and contemporary services and produced a major plaza

In 1855 the first section of the Episcopal palace was completed. Over the next 80 years it became a very large house and its styling was changed to a more classically derived design. In the 1930s the whole architectural expression was simplified.

The place is on the State Register of Heritage Places