State Heritage Office (2011)

    Glengarry Stables

    Western Australia

    Full Architectural Services

    Western Australian Architecture Awards
    Commendation - Award for Heritage - 2002

    The main works have involved roofing, stonework, removing debris, woodwork and joinery.

    Glengarry Station is a rich cultural environment. The present owner restored the 1912 house though the mid 1990s and turned her attention to the stables complex in the late 1990s.

    The conservation works have revealed the significance of the buildings, allowed access and will soon be capable of serving useful purposes.

    A few minor changes were made in the process to make the buildings more useful, while many crude and intrusive accretions were removed to reveal significant fabric. Many items mentioned in the documentary evidence were revealed by simply cleaning up the site.

    The stables complex was built through the 1870s and later, mainly for raising re-mounts and race horses. They had fallen into disrepair and were simply used for storage.