Fremantle Prison Gift Shop

Western Australia

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The Fremantle Prison Gift Shop converted the previously under utilised spaces into a contemporary and integral part of the visitors’ services.

Originally constructed as a guardhouse, with a small yard and earth closet, the area had been altered progressively. The place formerly accommodated the Superintendent’s Office and the Contact Visitors area.

Over a period of four years and in two stages, the Gift Shop was developed. The project comprised of the removal of partition work, amalgamation of spaces, revealing of historic layers, conservation works, and a interior shop fit out. New services were integrated and a small range of interpretive work undertaken.

Fremantle Prison was built to accommodate Imperial Convicts between 1853 and 1855. It became the State’s maximum security prison in 1888 until its closure in 1991.

Since its closure it has been a tourist site and was granted World Heritage status in 2010.